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Gifts Made Simple! is an automated gift giving service that takes care of gifts on your behalf.

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How does work?

You tell us who you want to give gifts to, set a budget, we select, buy and ship your gift automatically every occasion while you have peace of mind!

Tell us who you want to give gifts to, your budget & occasions.

Using technology & a human touch, we take care of picking and sending the perfect gift, always at the best price.

Free shipping, and returns are included. You can choose to pay with a consistent monthly subscription or per individual gift.

When you sign up, we donate a gift on your behalf for a child in a developing country.

Joyful stories from our users!

How did John A. save money?

Before, John never remembered to buy his mom a gift on Mother's Day until the very last day. Then, he bought her $85 stale overpriced flowers last minute. With, she got the perfect gift at the perfect time, while saving John money.

How did Chris B. get back his time?

Chris B. ran a small business with 20 employees. As part of his mission, he tried to create a positive culture and environment for his teammates. Before, the company spent a lot of time tracking and buying small gifts to employees on special occasions as a token of appreciation. After the process became a breath, saving Chris tons of time and hassle.

How did Grace B. became a superstar?

The youngest sister of a large family, and the youth minister of a vibrant church, Grace had lots of gifts to do every year. With a few misses when life gets busy. With, there was no more misses. Perfect gifts, at the right time with savings on top. Grace truly became a gifting superstar!

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Demographics: 53 years old female
Budget: $25-50
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Demographics: 62 years old female
Budget: $25-50
example gift
Demographics: 19 years old female
Budget: $15-25
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Less hassle. More Joy. Really!

Just add your contacts and their occasions once, and we will pick the perfect gift for them at the right time. If they don't like it, then returns for them are super easy and free. Less hassle for you, more joy for them.

save time

Peace of mind? Yea!

Let's make expressing appreciation to our loved ones simpler and easier. Do you like having peace of mind? Then give a try!

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And lastly, you save money. Checkmate.

With, you will always save on gifts. Our technology allows us to look for the best possible price all over the internet, and pass the saving to you. So you get the best price, all the time!

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Who is for?

Smart Shoppers

Leveraging technology, savvy shoppers can save money on gifts using

Non-Profits & Businesses

Regular gifting is a made easy with Add or upload a file with those who you want to give gifts too, and never worry about missing an occasion. Transparent pricing keeps things simple & fair.

Families & Friends

Answer a few questions about your family and friends', and you are all set. They will receive the perfect gift everytime. Returns & shipping are always free with no hidden fees.

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