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If I budget a $30 gift for my friend's birthday, how much will the actual gift be?
Last updated: Friday 03 Jun 2022

If you are under the Pro plan, the gift would be at or slightly below $30. We optimize for the best price and pass all the savings to you. You will receive a receipt with all the details (cost and item) and the gift will always be under $30. There are $0 in fees under the Pro plan.

If you are under the starter plan, a $6.99 + 2.9% processing fee would apply. So, the gift should be at or slightly higher than $30. Like the Pro plan, we pass all the savings to you and make no profits on the gifts themselves. Additionally, you will receive a receipt with all the details and the exact fees.

Do I get to know what gifts will be sent before the occasion?
Last updated: Tuesday 24 Nov 2020
Two weeks before the occasion, you will receive an email from us with a summary of the gifts we bought, prices, and fees (if any). If you do nothing, we will send the gifts as planned. But, you can always respond back to that email cancelling the gifts, giving us feedback for a different kind of gifts, or any other issues you have with our selection (like asking for more details). The process is designed to be fully automated on your end, unless you intervene.
What happens if my contact doesn't like the gift?
Last updated: Monday 09 Nov 2020
They can return it easily at no cost to them. The platform uses third-party suppliers who must meet several strict criteria that includes free returns.
How can a gift be returned?
Last updated: Monday 09 Nov 2020
Your contact will have a gift receipt from the third party with the gift and they can return it directly to them for free. But we hope and expect that they love the gift as it is been chosen with a lot of thought. As you stay with us and we continue to learn more about you and your contacts, gifts will evolve to always reflect your and your contact style, giving you the best gifting experience.
Around how long would it take me to complete my application for 10 people?
Last updated: Monday 09 Nov 2020

The whole process should take less than 3 minutes. You only need an address for us to ship them the gifts, basic demographics to help pick the perfect gift, and a budget.

The steps are,

  1. Sign up and choose your plan
  2. Add your gift recipients
  3. Add their occasions and a budget for each occasion

If you wish, you can also upload an excel file with the information all at once.

What's the timeline for shipping the gifts?
Last updated: Monday 09 Nov 2020
Gifts are expected to arrive at the date you specify for the occasion or up to two days before it. Billing generally happens up to two weeks before the occasion.
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