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5 Awesome Gift Ideas for NASCAR Fans

Mariam Adly on Tuesday 15 Dec 2020

Everyone has their favorite hobbies. As for the fans of NASCAR race cars and racing championships, witnessing their favorite drivers’ journey as they race to their hearts’ desire gives them great fulfillment. Picking the perfect gift for your partner, family, or friend who is a certified NASCAR fan is tricky but fulfilling when done right. We have picked 5 perfect gift ideas your loved ones will surely appreciate as a NASCAR fan:

  1. Budget-Friendly Merchandise

Posters of race events, mugs with quotes or pictures of car models, T-shirts with NASCAR theme prints, and other merchandise showcasing their favorite car, racer, or team would definitely be cool! A hoodie customized with the print of their favorite race team’s uniform would be awesome as well. Such simple but thoughtful gifts incorporated with designs NASCAR fans would understand are perfect for any occasion. It also works great if you are cautious of your budget but still want to give them a personalized gift that they can use in their day to day lives.

  1. DVDs and Books

One thing you can be sure about a NASCAR fan is that they are in the fandom because they love watching their favorite racers and cars in action. What’s a better gift for this kind of person but a souvenir of a race through DVDs? These clips enable them to revisit the best moments of what they consider the best races in the sport.

Even with the fact that the internet can provide any information in this day and age, a precious printed copy of NASCAR highlights, racer biographies, and the sport’s history will still greatly entice your typical NASCAR fan. With NASCAR-themed books, you can give your loved one a glimpse of the realm of NASCAR races. Just make sure they love reading in the first place!

  1. Die-Cast Car Model and Figurines

Once you become a fan of something, you would be tempted to collect everything about the hobby you fell in love with. The same goes for NASCAR fans. If not a real-life, operational NASCAR car, an enthusiastic NASCAR fan would never say no to a die-cast model of their favorite NASCAR racing car. You might even already find yourself stumbling upon some of the model cars in their bedrooms or your living room if you live with a NASCAR racing hobbyist, so be careful to choose the model they don’t have yet.

Other than race cars, fans also love collecting figurines of their favorite racers, such as a Funko Pop figurine of Ryan Blaney. In order to choose a figurine they would love, you can get a hint by trying to observe them as they watch races.

  1. Race Tickets

If attending a NASCAR race is possible for your gift recipient, it would be very much appreciated to give them tickets as a gift. Better yet, if you can, you can buy tickets for yourself as well and accompany them to the event. It might be a good chance to know more about your partner or friend and appreciate the thing they love the most. If you can’t accompany them, you can purchase multiple tickets so he or she can choose to bring a fellow NASCAR fan to the event.

  1. Racing Experience

No gift beats firsthand experience, and the same can be said for NASCAR fans. Everyone has probably dreamt of being able to maneuver their favorite racing car model; that’s why a racing experience would make a really great present. It is not a cheap gift, but the memory of being able to experience to get behind the wheel of a real NASCAR race car would be engraved in their memory for a long time.

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There are a lot of presents you can choose from when it comes to giving gifts to NASCAR fans, but you would never go wrong with any of the ideas listed above. Just remember that a loved one would highly appreciate a thoughtful, genuine present which you gave with their happiness in mind.

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