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How do we get the perfect gift every time?

Mariam Adly on Sunday 22 Nov 2020


How does work?

At, we're more than just a gifting platform. We make gifting, a joy. Always picking the perfect gift for every occasion. Here are the details of how it works. 

1- You sign up to our service and pay a small monthly subscription or a per gift fee for us to manage all the gifting that you need to do.

2- There are two ways you can add contacts to our platform (people who you want us to manage their gifts, on your behalf).

            A. Fill out a simple form yourself for them.

            B. Upload a file with their information (for larger group).

3- In the process, you will pick a budget for each individual as well as the occasions (Birthday, Christmas, Valentine day, etc.) that you want to send gifts to them on. 

4- Using our software, we do three things to make gifting a joy, 

        A. Keep track of everything on your behalf

        B. Use our software to always pick the best price on your behalf (as such, the budget that you set is a maximum figure that we won't exceed, but we will often be slightly below)

        C. Use our software paired with expert shoppers to pick the perfect gift every time.   


How do we pick the perfect gift every time?

Our software constantly evolves and gets better, but as of late 2020 - we take four main factors into considerations. 

1- Basic demographics that you provide to us (age and gender) - So, an elderly female would have different recommendations than a teenage boy. The latest videogame would be a good choice for the latter, but not so for my grandmother! 

2- A Budget bucket. Prices change all the time, and our software can keep track. Depending on the budget chosen, every gift gets assigned a budget bucket that gets matched to whatever budget you picked. 

3- Occasions. A Christmas themed sweater is a good gift in Christmas, but perhaps not an ideal choice on Valentine's Day. As such, our software optimizes certain gifts for certain occasions.

4- Your comments. You can add anything as an extra field and we will take into an account. Common things are profession, fandom of certain popular culture items, and hobbies.

Lastly, an experienced human shopper always makes the final decision with the ability to further refine the selection criteria depending on the situation. 

Still have a question? Feel free to browse the FAQ or ask us!

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