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Mariam Adly on Sunday 22 Nov 2020


First, let’s get to know each other. We – the folks behind are a family who loves to build and work together. There is Jonathan, the dad and the CTO. He built and maintains our technical operations. Then there is Joy – the inspiration behind the name and a self-appointed “CEO”. She is in charge of making sure everyone is happy and excited. A natural role for her as a toddler. Then, there is Theo – who is in charge of mergers, initiatives, leverage and key-metrics or as we informally call it, MILK. A fitting role giving his experience as the youngest member of the team. Finally, there is me. Mariam – I run the day to day operations of We hope to get to know you too.

Now – that the formalities are out of the way, here is why we built and why you should consider using us to make your life a little bit easier. When we decided to try and build something together, we wanted to make something that matters. Something that the world needs. The world needs nothing more than joy right now. For families to be closer, communities to find a common purpose, and for us to remember our loved ones and appreciate them a little easier.

So, with our mission stated, we looked around us and paid attention to what brings people joy. We saw smiles being formed from positive words and encouragements, acts of services and charity, quality time spent with loved ones, and finally expressing appreciation by giving and receiving gifts. As such, was born with these pillars. Initially a service to make expressing appreciation by giving gifts easier, but we hope to continue to find more ways to spread joy as we grow. For example, when you sign up, we donate a gift on your behalf to a child in a developing country as a small act of service and charity.

The way that works is simple and straightforward. First, you sign up to our service and add your contacts, their occasions, with a budget for each occasion. Then, we do three things to make gifting a joy,

A. Keep track of everything on your behalf

B. Use our software to always pick the best price on your behalf (as such, the budget that you set is a maximum figure that we  won't exceed, but we will often be slightly below)

C. Use our software paired with expert shoppers to pick the perfect gift every time.  

There are no hidden fees, and returns are always free and convenient. Depending on what plan you choose, you will either pay a set monthly small subscription to access our platform or a per gift fee. We make no profits on the gifts, and pass the savings all to you. Saving you time, hassle, and money. Most importantly though, we truly do hope that by using our service, we can make your and your loved ones world, a little bit joyful.

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